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Sexy Swimwear & Vacation Essentials

With Summer just on the horizon, fashionistas everywhere are preparing for a sizzling season that they will always remember. When it comes to vacation essentials and summertime must-haves, there are a few essential pieces that every fashionista needs in order to make this Summer hot, hot, hot and it all starts with swimwear!

Cutout Swimsuits & Monokinis

It may not come as a surprise that cutouts are once again trending this Summer. From dresses to jumpsuits, cutouts are quickly becoming apart of every fashionista’s closet… and that includesswimwear.

当涉及到一个会的灼热的泳衣l turn all the right heads, look no further than the Cutout One-Shoulder Swimsuit. The ribbed stretch-knit one-piece swimsuit features a cheeky bottom and perfectly designed cutouts. The best part about this particular piece of sexy swimwear is that you can throw on a pair of theHigh-Waist Cuffed Denim Shortsand take your look to a last-minute lunch with friends.

When you hear “cutout,” what comes to mind? Likely, it’s the idea of showing a lot of skin. However, that’s not always the case. Cutout swimsuits can also be sexy without showing a lot of skin and we’ll prove it to you.

This swimsuit is still entirely classy while still hot for a summertime look. It also looks awesome withDistressed Denim Shortswhich brings us to our next point, planning ahead!

When it comes to your Summer plans, always expect the unexpected and make sure your wardrobe is able to keep up. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it may sound. With two wardrobe staples, you can guarantee that you’re ready for those last-minute plans. Those two pieces? Denim shorts and a kimono.

Summer Kimono

Every fashionista should have at least one killer kimono in their closet of vacation essentials. Kimonos make for the perfect cover-up, they are light and easy to pack in your beach bag, and they are extremely trend-worthy this Summer. Even better? Kimonos come in all styles allowing you to fully embrace your individuality.

  • For our boho babes, check out theChiffon Tie-Dye Kimono
  • Digging the floral vibes? Look no further than the Floral Print Crepe Kimono
  • Craving a tropical look? The Leaf Print Kimono Swim Cover-Up is for you.

Summer Floral Print Must-Haves

Believe it or not, floral prints aren’t just for Spring. In fact,Elle Magazinestates that rocking floral patterns is an absolute yes when it comes to your Summer plans, on and off the beach.

Sexy, feminine, floral designs? It’s no surprise why fashionistas everywhere are including floral prints in their summertime plans. This particular bikini also compliments the cutout trend, making it doubly hot and extra trend-worthy.

The good news doesn’t stop there. This fashion-forward trend also proves to go with just about any accessory or cover-up. In fact, when it comes tovacation essentials, you can’t go wrong with a little pop of floral.

Last but not least, sets (particularly floral sets) are making waves when it comes to Summer 2019 swimwear. Craving a tropical, Hawaiian vibe? Then you absolutely need this trio of tropical!

  1. Kulani Kinis Tropical Floral Print Bikini Top
  2. Matching Bikini Bottoms
  3. Kulani Kinis Floral Print Kimono Swim Cover-Up

Sets are also convenient. Don’t waste your precious time picking out an outfit. With a fashion-forward set, the work is done for you so that you can enjoy the sunshine.

One Piece Swimsuits

While we’ve mentioned one-pieces in the cutout and floral sections above, we truly believe that one-piece swimsuits deserve a whole category of their own. “Why?” you ask. The answer is simple. One-pieces are hot. They are transitional from beachside hangs to lunch with your girls (remember, simply throw on a pair of denim shorts and a fun kimono). And they are a staple when it comes to sexy swimwear and vacation essentials.

One of the most classic one-piece looks is theCrisscross Back One-Piece Swimsuit. This suit gives us total Baywatch vibes and we are obsessed. Because this swimsuit is a solid red, it pairs great with just about any cover-up, giving fashionistas the opportunity to truly make this look their own.


As you can see, the vibrant colors scream summertime and are topping charts when it comes to fashion-forward trends that are quickly emerging.

Perhaps the most important thing for every fashionista to remember is that being true to yourself is key. Not into bikinis? Totally fine. Prefer solid colors to bold prints? Do not worry. When it comes to kimonos, swimwear, and vacation essentials, there is truly a look for everyone. Find your individual look and this Summer is guaranteed to be one for the books.